Love is Love is Love….

Love is Love is Love....

As a gay business owner, it seems obvious to say that we’re here to serve all folks regardless of their gender status, race, religion and so forth.  However, when I recently attempted to book the services of a DJ for a birthday party I was hosting in a local eatery, I was turned away from the first two local contacts because there would be a mix of folks including several from the LGBTQI community!!!!!  I WAS SHOCKED AND ANGRY


It served as a reminder to me that although I know our local community is fantastic, some folks are still guided by their prejudice and fear.  In the end, I did find an amazing DJ (Chris Capcik, who made the night a huge success.  We are a diverse staff of men and women here at Twisted Stem, and we proudly serve all of our clients with our ‘edgy & elegant’ floral style

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