Giant blooms of tuberous begonias as big as my head (…and that’s big)

Giant blooms of tuberous begonias as big as my head (...and that's big)

Aren’t these amazing? This horticultural display of tuberous begonia flowers thrills me with dreams of ever growing them this large. I’ve heard that the best growers are in the U.K. And The Netherlands. These blooms are approx. 12″ across and seemingly 8″ deep.

I’m certain there’s a good amount of pinching off all of the other buds and a LOT of fertilizer used to produce these giants.  They remind me of the the large crepe paper flowers I make in the shop.  Photos such as this with the long extended rows of various colors, shapes and forms bring a smile to my face from ear to ear.  I missed the era when florists used to routinely use camellias and wood violets, so I appreciate folks that continue to put all the needed efforts into keeping tender blooms looking this great.

Try growing some tuberous begonias this spring/summer and see what you can do with getting them to bloom big.  You’ll be the green thumb envy of the neighborhood.

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