New Tools for a New Year!

New Tools for a New Year!

Today was the first day John was back at the shop after a much-needed vacation, and I think it is safe to say that everyone was glad for his return. In the morning, he told me a little bit about how his trip was, and about some of the things he had gotten up to. But the highlight of the conversation was when he told me he had ordered a little gift for himself, which I agreed was well-deserved, regardless of the fact that I hadn’t yet learned what it was.

He called it a “big, industrial-style glue gun,” however, when it came in the mail, we all thought that its real name was much cooler: “THE SUREBONDER PRO2-220—Industrial Glue Gun.” He told us countless times that he was so sick of dollar-store, run-of-the-mill glue guns that didn’t heat up fast enough, and/or simply stopped working correctly after very little use, so I think this glue gun will really satisfy his needs as a designer, as well as an avid glue-gunner. Can’t wait to see the results!


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